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Workforce Alignment

At Maks Holdings, HR Dept. clearly understands the difference between ‘need to hire’ and ‘why need to hire’. Using workforce alignment within the organization makes it easy to see which position needs to be filled. HR teams link staff' daily tasks to overall company goals, to make it hassle- free for managers and staff to work towards the strategic goal of the company.

Maks Holdings, strategic goals are continuously communicated to each staff to create an open trusting environment. Performance and engagement become natural by- products when alignment and transparency is “baked in”.

HR team members focus on four elements i.e., performance, behavior, engagement and alignment. Each staff member knows their performance results compare to expectations. Emotional connection is enhanced to drive staff commitment quality and culture. Workforce is empowered within the framework of an organization's goal based on work alignment which results in improvised commitment towards the ultimate strategic goal.

Workforce Management

Once the work alignment is achieved successfully, the HR team focuses on carrying out activities involved in maintaining a productive workforce environment, such as time and attendance, reporting, on boarding, salary planning and more.

The HR team anticipates the work volumes, adds or removes resources to avoid understaffing or overstaffing and prepares objectives to keep projects and even organization in general, moving smoothly. To optimize the productivity of staff, the team matches the skills to specific tasks and quantifies the amount of work on a day to day or hour to hour basis.

Moreover, at Maks Holdings, exercise ‘employee relationship management’ to effectively manage all interactions with employees, ultimately to achieve the strategic goals. The HR dept. stress upon giving training and coaching to managers and executives on how to effectively establish and nurture relationships with employees.

The focal point of Maks Holdings, during its journey towards success is employees, therefore the HR team nurtures the environment where the employees work together and shares a good relationship with management.

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Talent Management

The talent management process at Maks Holdings, include; talent acquisition, learning and development, organizational values and vision, performance management, career pathway and succession planning. Talent mindset is practiced by leaders and managers at all levels within the organization. The mindset is to believe the organization can outperform its competitors by having better talent. Therefore, the management commits a measure part of their time revising their talent pool and how it can be better. At Maks Holdings, senior managers see talent management not as a chore but as a central and critical part of being a leader.