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Corporate Governance Structure

Maks Holdings, fully comply with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) Federal Transport Authority, (DMC) Dubai Maritime City Authority, keeping International Marine Standards. Dubai Marina Yacht Club Rules & Regulations with international mandatory statutory instruments that are applicable to any boat, yacht, ship on international voyages. They also follow compliance with existing prescriptive International Regulations (e.g. SOLAS and the HSC Code). This relates to all aspects of relevant regulations, both safety and environmental issues.

Compliance team fulfils all requisite of Dubai Maritime City (United Arab Emirates) & Yacht Club Marina Authorities & Regulations with regards to UAE Federal Transport Authority, such as design approval, testing and surveys of the hull and its systems and components.

All the regulations are followed & pursued, such as local authority licensing, permit or regulatory requirements for the waters the yacht is sailing.


Maks Holdings, act in accordance with UAE Regulations regarding transparency in transactions. TM believes in complete transparency when it comes to fees, and that's been a top priority since our inception of any transaction or interaction.

  • No hidden charges are attached
  • Guarantee of amount of final funds delivered, to be delivered at time of origination
  • Right to cancel a transaction or date extended after its submission – depends upon availability.

Besides, Maks Holdings, real time clearing, i.e., ‘electronic retail payment solutions available 24/7/365 which resulted in the immediate or close-to-immediate interbank clearing of the transaction and crediting of the payee’s account with confirmation to the payer (within seconds of payment initiation). Also, detailed price breakdown of what can be expected in return of the payment made, easily available to clients at the time of booking. The details can be retrieved with reservation information.

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CSR Policies And Strategies

Maks Holdings, strongly believe that ‘organizations with high CSR become the employers of choice (an excellent place to work), a neighbor of choice (community where it operates is pleased to have it operating there), and vendor of choice (giving full value).’

At the outset, senior managers with CSR team align social responsibility strategy to business goals, ensuring that CSR should create business value by supporting initiatives that personify Maks Holdings Research is done to define ‘what an organization stands for’, and involve all key stakeholders in outlining the areas of focus - ultimately the process ensures buy-in. Once the key areas of focus have been identified, then a realistic budget is determined to meet recommendations stemmed from research. A robust policy is designed including effectual criteria and methods for an effective program are in place. Lastly, a CSR audit committee is established to measure, monitor and evaluate the program.

Csr Management

CSR efforts are treated and managed as core business strategy Maks Holdings, just as are the strategies of marketing, research and development, capital expenditure, and talent management. The CSR team, consisting of the senior manager in charge of CSR and the executives concerned, holds meetings periodically in order to discuss and determine Maks Holdings CSR Action Policy. Based on the policies determined, the CSR team and other staff establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement action plans for each of the topics for which they are responsible. They ensure the implementation of Maks Holdings CSR Action Policy and check the progress regarding key issues for the companies. To discuss CSR progress and issues, the CSR team holds a monthly meeting called the Corporate CSR Meeting, which is attended by representatives from CSR - related divisions such as human resources, environment and procurement.