We are Maks, We Create Build Develop Solutions

In the growing world, the establishment of MAKS Holdings took place in 2015 and since then the organization has been serving its best quality services to the society. Believing in work is worship and encouragement leading to growth, the organization has started its various companies under it. Be it Yacht Charter, Marine Maintenance, Trade, LSA/FFE and Yacht Trading. The organization has only put further growth and customer satisfaction as a priority.


Mohammed Ali is known to be the Founder and Chairman of the MAKS Holding Group. An innovator, mentor and successful business leader across the marketing world. Mr. Ali began with humble beginnings and has built his business empire based on his own efforts, originality and skilled insights. Pursuing five professional passions of Sales & Marketing Education, Philanthropy, Technology and Entrepreneurship.


Mr. Shameer Ali Started a small yacht company in India, the company is moving from strength-to-strength, expanding its remarkable foothold in India and UAE region, and has established itself as one of the fastest growing and leading luxury yacht charter companies in UAE. Moreover, Mr. Shameer M. Ali started his career in handling Top Level Management with 12 years of working experience with a group of institutions. After completion of Bachelor’s in Commerce and Master’s in Business Administration. Now he is pursuing a Doctorate from Bharathiyar University (INDIA).


Capt. Shafeeq M. Ali, who is the backbone of the company. He started his career as a SHIP CAPTAIN after Completion of Bachelor in Science. He has a power boat license with 10 years of working experience in GCC nations. He has been in this position because of his hard work and dedication towards work with a positive approach. Still very keen to learn new and innovative things so that they can achieve their business vision and take the company to the next level.

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Leadership Actions & Style

At Maks Holdings Pvt. Ltd. we create persuasive, remarkable products and services by cultivating a culture of two-way communication—and by putting people at the center of our process. We continuously improve by connecting with customer needs and emotions and demonstrating effective & impactful leadership.

Firstly, senior managers challenge the process within, and find a process that we believe needs to be improved the most. Secondly, they share the vision in words that can be understood by the employees, give them the tools and methods to solve the problem and show that it can be done. In step five, TMT developed a common plan and established management processes to proactively manage the short and long-term performance of the business. One of the first tasks here is to help senior managers begin to work as a team as they share responsibility for the overall management of the organization.

The senior managers then outline a process for how they will monitor, track, and integrate performance throughout the organization on an ongoing basis, including common initiatives, clear expectations, and consistent performance metrics. This may lead them into discussion or readjustment of recognition, reward, or performance management systems as well.

Leadership of Organizational Culture & Direction

Top Management (TM) organizes 2-3 days orientation sessions in which senior managers learn about high performance. Moreover, they learn about the transformation process, explore the level of trust within the company and identify change needs.

A comprehensive assessment of Maks Holdings is done to create a common understanding of the current state of the business. Subsequently, key people of the organization, with a cross-section staff analyze the business to learn and systematically analyze seven key elements: current results; the business environment; the current strategy; current core processes, current structure; and coordination and development systems.

With the help of the analysis, TM summarizes key issues to address and identify organization strengths, weaknesses, and alignment issues. Moreover, this dynamic session results in a greater sense of responsibility, know-how, and enthusiasm for making the business succeed.

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