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Operations And Processes Design

Operations managers, Maks Holdings, follow a common proven path for process design with an ultimate goal to attain “operational excellence”. The exercise begins with discussion. For example, the client brief is reviewed which helps to lead the meeting with a clear understanding of the project requirements. The second step is preparation, which begins with defining the requirement of clients & aligning it with the strategic goals. Then, the team moves to planning, after receiving the approval to proceed based on the estimate, put all the pieces together & progress to structuring of the process design followed by internal meeting. Operation heads then sit together & brainstorm on the inputs collated in the internal meeting and on the basis of collected points, establish the understanding of value flow to customers. Once staff is aware of value flow to customers to achieve operational excellence, management involvement in the day-to-day happenings of the operation is not required. Instead, supervisors spend their time working with sales and the innovation process to streamline processes & services that customers want and that fit the operation’s capabilities.

Operations And Processes Management

Maks Holdings, have embraced ‘Operational Excellence differentiation strategy’, as a result, deliver a combination of price, quality, and ease of service that no other organization in their market or industry can match. While achieving Operational Excellence, successful implementation of a business execution framework is integrated by the operation heads based on the following effective and seamless four building blocks:

  • Strategy Deployment
  • Performance Management
  • Process Excellence
  • High Performance Work Teams

In addition, Maks Holdings, strives to hold on to FEW must excel areas: It starts with strategy creation wherein Management creates vision and values and refine it into strategic focus and direction. And balanced scorecards cascaded down through the organization hierarchy. Staff is nurtured in a way that they understand the strategy and accountable for the results. Solution delivery (processes, products and services), problem solving and continuous process improvement is practiced.