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Market Intelligence

In the age of the empowered customer, MAKS Holdings, move beyond traditional market research and harness intelligence about their customers more quickly and comprehensively. By understanding the empowered customers, MAKS Holdings, make effective and intelligent business decisions.

MAKS Holdings, draws on data from multiple sources and analyzes it at the speed of business in UAE as well as international exposure, and corporate marketing style. This intelligence tells TM not just Who, What, When, Where, Why. Moreover, this insight goes beyond the Who, What, When and Where to tell us Why customers behave as they do, guiding better business decisions and delivering results. To succeed, MAKS Holdings, understand the different sources of customer intelligence and take advantage of tools that will help them get closer to their customers.

Customer Focus Processes And Culture

TM creates “customer-first culture by building an employee-first culture. For example: Seniors leaders engage the hearts and minds of the staff by developing a “story” with big-picture visuals that illustrates the brand promise and the optimal customer experience and staff’s delivery roles within that experience. Senior managers identify the barriers inhibiting a customer-first culture and engage the staff in the desired culture of “working together” to deliver a great customer experience. They further, address the barriers between functions by making operational, process, or behavior changes, and ensure each prioritizes the custom, and reinforce best practices for moving forward. Senior managers ensure that staff have the leadership and coaching skills so that they can act as owner if required. They further identify “bright spots” of what the best staff are doing to drive the customer experience. Senior managers foster ongoing conversations about the journey to becoming a customer- first organization. Feedback is collected and looped to manage insight on how well initiatives are working and ways to optimize the customer experience.

At Maks Holdings, senior managers ensure that employees at the front line understand the brand promise as they deliver on it most often. Extra emphasis is given on building their sales and service skills, such as, point of sale, merchandising etc. Clear service standards and methods are set to guide employees to anticipate customer needs in order to exceed expectations. Maks Holdings, successfully embraces all the aspects of customer- first culture to make a great first impression.

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Marketing Strategy

At Maks Holdings., customer segmentation is done by creating multiple customer profiles, and enumerating their common variables. Senior managers then check the effectiveness of segmentation through the following:

  • A/B testing
  • Send out segmented messages or mailers
  • Redirect visitors to landing pages etc.
  • Reach out to prospects and clients in-person or through phone calls

Gathering feedback from customers on social media is another way Maks Holdings creates a customer - focused competitive strategy. After learning what your audiences want? Senior managers create a series of questions focused on the pain points of the sales or conversion process. Sending out engaging online line surveys is another significant method leader’s use to measure the effectiveness of product and services of Maks Holdings.


  • Collaboration with distribution channel intermediaries and suppliers to achieve the value each end customer wants.
  • Collaboration with customers to jointly plan and create new values.
  • Implementation of business rules into the CRM database so that customers’ behaviors trigger appropriate actions.


  • Integration of the customer’s various touch points.
  • Development of a single, real-time view of each customer.
  • Creating an ability to sell when the customer is ready to buy, and knowing what to offer and how to appeal to each customer.


  • Recognizing that employees have different needs just as customers do, and trying to provide each with the value they want
  • Creating a self-serve capability to enable employees to take more control of their careers and career development, including what and when they learn.